About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of Santa Clara County Procurement Department is to promote success through collaboration with client departments by providing the highest quality, contracting services through full and open competition, inclusion, fairness and use of best practices.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Santa Clara County Procurement Department is to support the success of client departments by promoting a customer-focused business culture and developing high quality best value contracts and solutions to meet our community’s needs through increased competition, inclusion, and the use of best practices.


Procurement Department

The Procurement Department provides procurement management services to support the operations of County departments and agencies. Every effort is made to promote the procurement of goods and services through full and open competitive processes to secure the best value for the taxpayer and provide high quality at the best possible pricing in the marketplace. The Department is also engaged in a variety of vendor development and outreach activities to promote inclusion and to expand its vendor database. Additionally, the countywide disposition of public property is also managed by the Department.

The Centralized Contracting Division manages the procurement activities related to all commodities, such as information technology, telecommunications, office technology, facilities, and medical patient care supply chain contracting activities. The Property Disposal Division disposes County surplus personal property properly through reuse and redistribution, sales, and auction to the public through contractors, donation to local non-profit organizations and government entities, or recycling in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner. The eProcurement Division manages and maintains enterprise applications for the County. In addition, the eProcurement Division provides internal IT operations support to the Procurement Department and manages and maintains the Procurement's intranet and internet sites for the County. The Decentralized Contracting Unit provide leadership for countywide contracting, training, procurement guidance, and review and approval processes for solicitation and contracting activities and functions for professional and specialized services.


A Message from the Director

Welcome to the County of Santa Clara Procurement Department Website!

Santa Clara County welcomes vendors and contractors who are interested in providing goods and services to the County. We encourage the business community to participate in competitive business processes that result in significant contracting opportunities. The County awards approximately $2 billion in contracts annually which represents a significant opportunity to increase the number of qualified vendors, and competition to establish best value contracts for our community. It is a great privilege to work with the fine professional team of County of Santa Clara in service to the community. Working together with our internal client departments and agencies along with the business community, we strive to provide competitive procurement solutions to ensure that the taxpayers we serve will receive high quality services at the very best value.

We are delighted to roll out initiatives for improving and streamlining the contracting and procurement processes through robust implementation of e-Procurement solutions and significant vendor outreach and education. In short, our vision is to move away from tactical, paper-based and manual transactions to strategic sourcing methods, and electronic solutions that are nimble and easy to navigate.

We hope that the information available on our site will provide a valuable resource for vendors and the public we serve, while providing transparency and opportunities for inclusion.

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