Upcoming Requests for Proposals

The list of upcoming requests for proposals (RFPs) is intended to provide summarized data of anticipated RFPs to be released by various County Departments. The RFPs may be in various stages of drafting and departments often update and refine RFP language up to the point of issuance. 


The report is presented at the second Board of Supervisors meeting of the month.  You may download the report by visiting the Board of Supervisors Meeting Portal and selecting the appropriate meeting. The report is generally the last item found under the Office of the County Executive header and titled “Receive report relating to anticipated Requests for Proposals.”


The report of upcoming RFPs contains the following fields:




Item Number

This is a unique number assigned to the acquisition.  If the item is reported multiple times, the item number will remain with the acquisition.

Anticipated Solicitation Issue Date

This is the date the department plans to issue the RFP.  If this date is extended to the next reporting period, the item will be reported again with the new anticipated date.

Department Number and Name

The department taking the lead in issuing the RFP.


The title of the acquisition.

New or Existing

This field identifies if this acquisition is for a new or existing good or service.  

Single or Multiple Contract Award

This field identifies the plan to execute a single contract with a single vendor, or multiple contracts with multiple vendors.

Funding Type

This field identifies whether the funding is from the General Fund, a Grant Fund, or other Non-General fund.


A description of the acquisition.


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