Donation Program

About the Donation Program

This program enables eligible organizations to acquire County surplus property for their business and operational needs at no cost. Organizations eligible to receive a donation must be either a public agency within the County or demonstrate that they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a private non-profit organization; and

  2. Currently doing work for the public benefit in Santa Clara County. 

​Any organization that believes that it qualifies to receive a donation, should obtain and review the following information about the Program. This Donation Program was established to reduce the cost of storing or scrapping surplus property and to provide needed items to organizations that are statutorily eligible to receive the property at no cost.


If your organizations is eligible and interested in receiving a donation,  submit a letter on agency letterhead that identifies the agency as a non-profit organization signed by the approving authority requesting the property, and describing how the property will be used.  Submit the letter to: 

Director of Procurement
Procurement Department
2310 North First Street, Suite 201
San Jose CA 95131-1040

(Note: this is not the address of Surplus Property)

Note: There is no guarantee that an organization will receive the property when more than one organization has requested the same items. When this occurs, Procurement makes the final decision as to which organization(s) will receive the property.

When Procurement has allocated surplus property, and more than one organization requests the same item, Procurement makes the final decision as to which organization(s) will receive the property based on a random selection process, such as a lottery.

The quantity of surplus items that may be received by the organization, may be limited to allow other eligible organizations to have access to the items.

For any questions you may contact :

Santa Clara County Procurement Department, Surplus Property Division
[email protected] ​or (408) 918-1934

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