County-Approved Purchasing Standards and Requirements

County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code §A34-91 authorize the County to establish standards with respect to the type, design, or quality of property to be purchased by the County. A purchasing standard may be approved if it either (a) required by State and/ or Federal regulation, or (b) is determined to be in the County’s best interest after a thorough assessment of the product or service specifications and justification, including term of the standard, analysis of market research, impact to competition, assessment of related contract portfolios and Countywide end users.  Departments seeking to purchase a product or service that has been standardized must comply with the requirements in the County-Approved Purchasing Standard.  Detailed vendor requirements are included below.

    Business Support Goods & Services

    Product and/ or Service Purchasing Standard Related Materials
    Paper Products and Printing Services Appendix A-1

    Exhibit for Paper Product and Printing Services Recycled-Content and Recyclability Requirements

    Attachment 1 to Exhibit for Paper Product and Printing Services Vendor Certification Form


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